My New Fitness Goals

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If you’re like me… your fitness goals have ALWAYS been aesthetic.

Shed fat. Tone up. Lean Bulk. Cut. Shred. Diet. Calorie deficit. Calorie surplus. Macros. Cheat day.

Blah blah blah.

As some of you know a month ago I signed up with a new bikini bodybuilding coach to help me cut a few lbs before summer.

The goal was to “bring in my waist” and “tighten up my hamstrings and glutes more.”

That’s great and all. I’m sure we can keep doing it if I keep following the program. I’ve seen great results and dropped the lingering winter pounds.

Buuuut you know what I’ve been realizing??

I really don’t even want to focus on aesthetic goals right now.

I honestly LOVE the way I look!

I genuinely like this combo of muscle, abs, and & curves I got going on and want to maintain it.

I have ZERO desire to keep cutting or keep shredding at this point or 'bring in my waist more' or 'tighten my glutes more' or whatever.

WHY? WHY would I even need to do that?

So I can take “better” pics on Instagram?
So I can seem like a more “legit” coach or fit-spo?
So I can feel "better" about my body?

> Personally I think my pics are great right now (and you all seem to think so too).
> My clients TRUST my abilities. (And honestly their RESULTS speak for themselves.)
> I wore a bikini last week in Hawaii without “shredding” (and never felt more amazing)

I’m a very analytical person and LOVE numerical goals: How much weight did I loose, what’s my body fat percentage, etc etc. I was a math major.

I have NEVER been about “touchy feely stuff” and in my head mock people who workout "just to feel good.”

But… my goals are shifting.

I don't feel like my body needs to be “better” or “tighter” right now. Instead I want to use working out to energize me.

So. I left my coach.

And I’m trying something new:

My new fitness goal is to focus ONLY on “feeling amazing all the time”
This means:
>> Working out with weights… but also running on the beach! Yoga! Kickboxing! which are FUN.
>> Eating 100% intuitively to ONLY feel amazing and energized.

I trust my body will maintain... And after tracking for years I know what I’m doing intuitively.

Aesthetic goals are awesome and I’m SURE I’ll have them again in the future, especially if I do a photoshoot or something.

If I want to cut again I’ll go back to flexible dieting & tracking macros—it’s definitely going to be the most effective way to shed fat without being too restricted and still enjoy the foods you LOVE! (I still use this style with all my clients who are trying to shed fat).

But….. it’s also important to know how to eat intuitively and workout on your own so you don’t rebound.

So that’s why I teach ALL my clients how to do this as well.

Anyway let’s see how this new chapter of #myfitnessjourney goes. Comment below if you resonate with this!!