How Your Diet Is Making You Gain Fat

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I'm gonna get SUPER honest here—

For the first time in literally YEARS, I had a TERRIBLE body image day. It came out of nowhere.

I woke up and immediately felt Heavy. Anxious. Panicked.

“Shit — why did I eat so much last night.”

My dress felt a THOUSAND times tighter than usual. All day it was a constant, nagging reminder of how much I ate the night before.

I caught myself on social media comparing— “why can’t my abs look like hers” "I'll never be as pretty as X" etc etc etc.

And all of a sudden it was like I was thrown back 5 years--picking apart the way I looked in pictures, unable to enjoy my day with the family because I couldn’t stop thinking about the way my body looked in this outfit.

I’m not trying to be patronizing. I fully know my body is still by societal standards “fit.” But for what it’s worth I am just sharing the behind the scenes stuff going on with how I truly felt.

Logically speaking there were clear reasons I felt off my game. My body was holding on to MASSIVE amount of water weight from traveling, my time of month, dinners out. I had not gained body fat overnight, but I was definitely feeling off my game.

And rationally, I’ve been doing this long enough to fully know this will flush out in a few days!

But for whatever reason… I still felt anxious! PANICKED!

I started to think the STUPID DUMB SHIT AGAIN! Like—

I need to skip breakfast today.
I need to avoid all carbs today.
I need to go burn this off right now.
How little can I eat today and get away with.
Etc etc.

You know how it goes!!

**I DID NOT do these things.** After doing that for years I know how stupid and futile is to do that. I used all my willpower to slap myself out of it in the morning. Journaled. Affirmed. Ate a balanced meal, and drank a TON of water. I woke up today feeling energized and back on point.

These panicked actions were my life on repeat every Monday for years. And I WANT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT:



When you panic and slash calories hard…. it works for one day but then you get HUNGRY. And have massive cravings.

Then what happens?? You immediately OVEREAT when you get a chance. And then the cycle of restriction repeats come Monday.

Sound familiar??

Every time this happens you swing WAY over your maintenance calories, making you actually GAIN FAT. NOT LOSE IT.

Sadly, many of you reading this will go back to doing exactly this: Weekend overeating + weekday panic, restriction, and immediately trying to ''burn it off."

In fact you are slowly GAINING weight each week. Not losing it!!

Remember: The only diet that will work is the one you can actually stick to. So make it sustainable, and you won't need to overeat + restrict.

So - Are you going to keep going with this cycle, that is really not getting you anywhere, making you anxious, miserable, and panicked?