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“Finish your plate, there are starving kids in India.”

Did your parents ever tell you this growing up?

Wasting food is bad. There are starving kids in India / Africa who don’t have food. We worked so hard for you to have all this food. So you better finish it.

If you don’t finish your plate you’re wasting your parents’ hard earned money.

How can you be so ungrateful?

Most of us have this SCARCITY MINDSET around food ingrained so deeply into our subconscious minds even in adulthood.

That food is a scarce resource. Something you constantly have to protect, finish, and hold onto. It’s something RARE that not many people have.

You’re lucky to have it and should take advantage of every opportunity you’re around it.

Whenever you’re around new or tasty food you have to eat it all. Subconsciously your mind is telling you “It’s never going to be there again” “You need to take advantage of having all this” “You need to load up on everything and then go back for seconds.”

For me this scarcity mindset led me to develop binge eating tendencies even in adulthood, which I have since re-wired to truly enjoy food without feeling like it’s a scarce resource.

You need to RECOGNIZE this scarcity mindset so you can re-wire it.

You’re not a starving orphan in India. Food is everywhere it’s fully possible to savor it without stuffing your face.

SIDE NOTE - This is why I hate using the term "CHEAT MEALS" with clients. Cheat day depends on scarcity.

And this makes us feel anxious, needy, and greedy.

You're not "cheating" on anything when you're enjoying food. Food can and should be FUN.... even when you're losing weight. Food is abundant everywhere and is not something to be hoarded or feared in your life.

Do you struggle with understanding this?
Are you able to REALLY enjoy yummy food in moderation without feeling guilty and hating yourself the next day?
Or do you feel guilty, feel like you need to burn off the food you just ate?

Think about it.

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