What's my job?

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It’s 7pm and you finished a long day at work. You come home exhausted and starving.

You rummage through your cupboard and find some chips, and inhale them all because you’re just so hungry and stressed out.

You COULD workout now. Orrrrr, you could grab some wine, Netflix, and ice cream to get your mind off your stressful day. What do you do?

It’s 5pm on Friday and all your co-workers want to go to happy hour. But…. it’s leg day today. What do you do?

You’re on a business trip in Vegas for a week. You have no time to workout, and all you have available is rich restaurant food all week. What do you do?

Your coworkers all go out for lunch together every day and you don’t want to be THE WEIRD ONE with the meal prep. What do you do?

These are all things I face every day balancing work and fitness goals. I’m sure many of you do too.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m not a full time “Instagram Fit Person.”

In addition to fitness coaching I also work at a tech startup in Silicon Valley. I am a Product Manager: I lead a team of engineers to build software products. At the moment I coach just 3-5 clients a month because I want to give you my full attention so you succeed..
Until now I kept telling myself that I shouldn’t talk about my corporate job on Instagram because: “It’s not relevant. I should only post fitness stuff”

But the REAL reason?

I realized I have been holding back on talking about my job because of STUPID dumb subconscious fears like:

“What if people don’t take me seriously because I don’t do fitness stuff full time?” “What if they think I’m not as legit?”

You guys! How RIDICULOUS are these thoughts?

It’s so important to show you how to balance fitness, work, & life. I don’t want you to think that I spend all day every day working out. Because I don’t. You CAN still get a hot body and reach your goals despite the late nights, business trips, etc.

And I get what you’re going through. Because there are days I come home exhausted and want to choose the Netflix& ice cream instead of the gym and don’t want to be the weird one with the meal prep.

It’s not easy. But if you want it, then you will make it happen. And I can help you.