The VS Fashion Show


I remember watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show a few years ago and feeling so depressed during the entire thing…. because all I could think was, “I will literally never look like that.”
I had googled every single “VS model workout" or “VS model diet" on the internet, and read alllll about Adriana Lima’s liquid only diet and Lily Aldridge’s zero carb diet and felt like the only way I could EVER change my body was if I did something extreme like this (which was honestly not gonna ever happen bc I like cheese and bread and ice cream wayyy too much.)
I know many of you girls are feeling like this after watching the VS fashion show last night. Let me assure you of two things:
(1) First, looking like a VS model will not bring you happiness. (Being a more confident/healthier/stronger version of YOURSELF might).
(2) It's entirely possible to shape your body WITHOUT any extreme measures. With the proper training, nutrition, and CONSISTENCY it’s 100% possible to shape your body pretty much any way you want.
In my adult years I *finally* came to realize that if wasn’t happy with the way I felt and the lifestyle I was building, I was capable of DOING something about it instead of sitting around complaining about fucking random models on TV.

I had to admit to myself that I really had no clue how to do this alone, so I invested a good chunk of $$ in my online coach to lead me. (And lol yes I am usually that cheapo Indian chick who always looks for a deal but not for something as important as this). This wasn’t some random $20 internet PDF, it was an actual investment and change I needed to *commit* to, both financially and mentally.
Now flash forward to today…. when I’ve:

  • Successfully re-shaped my body to be STRONGER and a million times more confident.
  • Actually learned how to do this on my own (without a single juice cleanse)
  • Become a trainer myself & EMPOWERED other women with this knowledge to shape your own bodies and get healthier + more confident.

Soo… yeah. Even though I still don’t look like a VS model today, I CAN SURE AS HELL PICK UP AND SQUAT ONE 💪