Get your dream bodY + feel confident FOR LIFE


Ready to FINALLY shed fat + sculpt your bod, but have no clue where to start with weights or how much to eat?

I know how you feel. And I gotchu.


I KNOW what it feels like to be:

  • Anxious and uncomfortable wearing a bikini
  • Intimidated by weights (aka the "bro section" of the gym)
  • Ashamed + guilty after indulging in cheese or chocolate... and then forcing yourself to do a bunch of cardio to "burn it off" the next day
  • Unsure of how much to eat or what moves to do in the gym to get the body you want
  • Googling "Victoria's Secret model diets" and trying to copy them all
  • FRUSTRATED that you STILL aren't seeing any results despite all the different workout challenges or diets you've tried....
  • .....and desperately wanting to shed fat and tone your bod but still not getting there despite working out and eating pretty healthy (What gives anyway?!)

I spent too many years feeling this way... and it SUCKS.


The good news is: There is a better way.

With the proper training + nutrition customized to your body and lifestyle you can transform your body and confidence levels like I did.... while still learning how to enjoy bread and cheese and chocolate without binging or feeling guilty.

I believe that EVERY woman in the world

should have a basic knowledge of how to use weights and what to eat to transform her body in any way possible. It is my mission as a fitness coach to empower other women with this knowledge I've learned through my struggles... so you can be fit for LIFE.

I would be thrilled to help you help you FINALLY see results, and transform your body + confidence. Let's get fit together!


About Me


I'm an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and NPC Bikini Bodybuilding competitor. I run the Instagram page @squats_and_samosas to provide beginner tips for women to sculpt their bodies with weights. In addition, I contribute to POPSUGAR Fitness, one of the leading publications for women with over 9 million page-views per month.

My full name is Diksha - pronounced Dee-ksha. (Feel free to call me either Dee or Diksha!) I'm 100% Indian, grew up in New Hampshire, and now live in San Francisco, California.




Hear straight from my CLIENTs - their TESTIMONIALS:

After working with personal trainers and various diet/exercise regimens, I finally experienced a program that lasted with Dee. I had been used to getting cookie cutter workouts and nutrition information, but Dee not only focused on customizing the information to my body and my goals, but also used the time efficiently to enable me with the knowledge of how to achieve them on my own. She spent hours curating workout plans and recipes that fit my weight loss goals based on my past experience and what I wanted to achieve - providing thorough and personal attentiveness that I hadn’t experienced with a trainer or nutritionist before. After experiencing Dee 12-week program, I realized I was consistently meal prepping for the first time in my life, establishing a routine for working out, and actually enjoying both! I not only received the tools I needed to succeed in achieving my weight loss goals from Dee, but also was empowered with a realistic way to sustain them long-term.
— Pavithra C.
Dee has been an inspiration. She takes the time to get to know your goals and most importantly helps you achieve them. I remember when I started dieting blindly, just following the current diet trend, Dee explained about nutrition and the importance protein plays in our diet. She always stresses that eating right is a life style change and not a temporary medium to achieve your desired state as that would be difficult to maintain. I agree! Her instagram page is a jackpot. Starting from meal preps, to how to exercise, she has them all. I have been going to the gym regularly for the past 6 months and I have lost weight, but under her “dumbell only” workout plan I have lost a lot more inches and some more weight! She is always available to answer my questions and is good with constructive criticism.I look so much better now and also feel confident in my ability to workout the right way
— Yamini S.
Working with Dee on my being healthier has been so amazing! At first, I was worried about starting because I didn’t know what to do. I never really did weight training. But her guide helped get me started and she encouraged me to video tape myself so she can check that I was doing the exercises safely and correctly. She provided instant feedback that help correct my moves, such as realizing I was hunching my back!) or telling me that I could actually go up in my weight since I was doing the move well! I continued doing the moves for an entire week while knowing that Dee helped keep me accountable. It’s always great checking in with her each week on my progress and her answering all my questions.
Her advice on how to eat has also be helpful! Watching her meal prep videos and advice helped show me that people do meal prep! I’ve been meal prepping for a month. After getting that habit, I then have been doing Dee’s workout for another month so I can make that a habit. I hate stepping on the scale but I decided to step on it after these 2 months and saw I lost 10 pounds! I’ve been gaining weight from a sedentary lifestyle but with Dee’s coaching and encouragement, I finally feel like I’m taking steps to becoming a healthier me!
— Victoria L.
Dee is amazing. She helped me lost 8lbs of body fat over 2 months, but the most important thing was that I learned how to create a healthy lifestyle. I am in college and have struggled with my weight and body image for years. I am a pre-med student and my lifestyle in college is pretty unhealthy — I would go out to drink with my friends, stay up late studying and eating snacks, and not exercise often. Even when I did exercise I was never sure what exercises to do and got bored of doing cardio.
With Dee’s coaching I learned the basics of nutrition, how to train, what moves to do, and so much more. Her training program is hard but really fun, and WORKS! I had never really trained with weights before and was usually intimidated by all the testosterone in the gym. With her guidance I really built my confidence up and I now like a badass doing my intense workouts in the weight room.
What’s more, the meals ideas are delicious and I rarely felt hungry like I do on other diets. You’re allowed to go to restaurants during the program and she gives you guidance on what to order so it fits in with your goals. Sometimes I would text her pics of the menu what I was ordering and she would send me thoughts—which was soo helpful.
If you have any doubts sign up! After a few months of working with her I lost weight, gained muscle, and improved my confidence enough that I wore a bikini for the first time in many months.
— Priya* G. (name changed for confidentiality)



I would be thrilled to help transform your body and confidence levels. If you're interested in working together, please fill out this form with a little more information about you!  I will be in touch within 24 business hours.